Passphrase support and restrictions - CAE Browser Client

The DB2® Query Monitor web user interface, which includes the CAE Browser Client and the CAE Server, supports passphrases.

Long or non-standard passwords are automatically interpreted as passphrases.
Important: Avoid using characters that differ based on CCSID. See for a list of characters that differ between CCSID 037 and CCSID 500 and should therefore not be used in CAE passwords. The default CCSID used by the CAE Server is 500 and can be changed using the -Dcom.rocketsoft.nm.os390.defaultEncoding=CpXXX parameter.

Securing access to the CAE Agent

If you use a generic RACF profile "**" in the APPL class to define UACC(NONE), then you must define a CQMCAE profile in the APPL class to grant READ permissions for each Db2 Query Monitor user you want to give access to the CAE.
Note: The AGENT_NAME parameter serves as the APPLID for the RACROUTE REQUEST=VERIFY in RACF. The default value for AGENT_NAME is CQMCAE. If you specify a custom AGENT_NAME, the APPL class is the custom AGENT_NAME you specify. For example, if you specify AGENT_NAME(QMCAE1), the profile in APPL class is QMCAE1. For more information, see AGENT_NAME.