Setting up an MVS user ID to run the CAE Agent

We recommend that you use a dedicated MVS™ user ID to run the CAE Agent.


Grant read access to all the CQM facility classes for the user ID. The user ID for the CAE Agent requires this authority to browse data, start and stop monitoring, edit profiles, read interval data sets. Ensure that the MVS user ID has an OMVS segment so that it can access the network using TCP/IP.
  1. Only those CAE Browser Client users who have administrative privileges have access to the Configuration Browser.
  2. The MVS user ID that is running the CAE Agent needs to have all the power for all the actions that all users of the CAE Browser Client will perform. For example, if you want to enable the ability to cancel a thread, the MVS user ID running the CAE Server requires the necessary Db2 and RACF® privileges to do so. Additionally, if a CAE Browser Client user wants to cancel a thread via the CAE Browser Client, the MVS user ID the user enters when requested to do so must also have the necessary Db2 privileges to do so. If that user does not have the necessary Db2 privileges to cancel a thread, they will be prohibited from doing so (even if the CAE Agent MVS user ID has the necessary privileges).