Use the MONITOR parameter in CQMPARMS to control the monitoring behavior of your Query Monitor Subsystem.

Identifies the Db2 subsystems that are monitored upon invocation of the Db2 Query Monitor started task. This parameter also optionally lists the corresponding monitoring profiles used to monitor those Db2 subsystems. If a Db2 subsystem is listed without a monitoring profile, Db2 Query Monitor collects summary data only. The first Db2 subsystem listed must be the Db2 subsystem where Db2 Query Monitor executes.

If more than one Db2 subsystem is being monitored, and one or more of those subsystems do not have a monitoring profile associated with them, the absence of the profile must be denoted by a comma, unless the Db2 SSID (Db2 subsystem ID) is the last one specified in the list.

MONITOR(ss01,profilea,ss02profileb, ... ssnn,profilex)
ss01, ss02, … ssnn
The Db2 subsystem IDs of the Db2 subsystems to be monitored.
profilea, profileb, … profilex
The optional monitoring profile names associated with the monitoring of each Db2 subsystem. A monitoring profile name must not begin with spaces or numerics, must not contain imbedded spaces, and must not contain characters other than "A-Z", "0-9", "#" "$", or "@". If a monitoring profile contains invalid characters, it will be ignored. For example, MONITOR (SS01,PROF!,SS02,PROF,SS03) will be treated the same as MONITOR (SS01,,SS02,PROF,SS03) due to the presence of the invalid character (“!” in “PROF!”).

Db2 Query Monitor will, at invocation of the started task, monitor Db2 SSIDs:SS01, SS02, and SS03. Only subsystem SS02 will have a monitoring profile associated with it when Db2 Query Monitor starts.