Use the AUTHID parameter in CQMPARMS to establish a connection to Db2.

The Db2 authorization ID (db2authid) that Db2 Query Monitor uses when establishing a connection to Db2 during interval processing.
  • If you use RACF on your Db2 subsystem, the AUTHID must be defined to RACF®.
  • The specified AUTHID must be authorized by the resident security package, such as RACF, to perform the functions needed for all processes run by the Query Monitor Subsystem. These processes include connecting to each of the monitored Db2 subsystems and performing file update activities using the Db2 Query Monitor VSAM control file.
  • The specified AUTHID must be a valid TSO user ID and not a RACF group name.
  • Do not specify an AUTHID for this parameter that is defined in the RACF Started Procedures Table (ICHRIN03). The Started Procedures Table (ICHRIN03) associates the names of started procedures with specific RACF user IDs and group names.
  • The specified AUTHID can contain a generic entry that assigns a user ID or group name to any started task that does not have a matching entry in the table. However, it is recommended that you use the STARTED class instead of the started procedures table.
Defaults to the user ID under which the started task will run.