Editing a monitoring configuration

Follow these steps to edit a monitoring configuration.


  1. From any window within the CAE Browser Client, click Configuration > Monitoring.
  2. Select a monitoring configuration from the list located on the left panel of the Monitoring Configuration Editor. The configuration settings for the selected monitoring configuration display in the right panel of the Monitoring Configuration Editor.
  3. Edit the monitoring options as appropriate.
    Note: If you want to temporarily stop monitoring (for example, if you are concerned about the number of alerts you might receive), deselect All Monitoring, so that none of the monitoring configurations are checked and then the CAE will not pick up any alerts. You can use the ISPF Client to view statistical data from previous intervals when Db2 Query Monitor is not actively monitoring any Db2 subsystems. However at least one Db2 subsystem must be actively monitored in order for the system and subsystem target to be visible for selecting on the Activity Browserpage in the CAE Browser Client.
  4. Press the Apply button.