Set up your environment prior to customization

Prior to beginning the customization process, ensure that your environment meets all requirements, that you have installed all prerequisite software, and that you have considered how you want to customize optional features.

Verify that your environment meets software requirements

Ensure that your environment meets the software requirements described in Prerequisites.

In addition to the maintenance requirements that are documented in the program directory, make sure that your system meets the requirements described in Compatible releases and maintenance levels and Maintenance - APARs and PTFs.

Verify that Tools Customizer has been installed successfully

Tools Customizer is a component of IBM Tools Base for z/OS® (5655-V93), which is available free of charge. Tools Customizer provides a standard approach to customizing IBM Db2 for z/OS Tools.

See the Program Directory for IBM Tools Base for z/OS, GI10-8819 for installation instructions.

Verify that your environment meets security requirements

Db2 Query Monitor requires no extra security measures outside of standard Db2 security. If a user does not have authority to view a table within a Db2 subsystem, Db2 Query Monitor will not allow the user to see data changes made to that table. Similarly, undo and redo SQL that generated from the product can be run through products such as SPUFI or QMF, and therefore also adheres to normal Db2 security for the user who runs this SQL.

You must have authorization to run the SELECT statement on the following tables:
By default, Db2 Query Monitor can run the REPORT utility against filtered objects. This activity is transparent to the user and can be disabled by setting the Misc Flags value on the general report panel to a value of X. If you do not disable this feature for any given run, you must have one of the following authorizations to access the REPORT utility through Db2 Query Monitor:
  • RECOVERDB privilege for the database
  • DBADM or DBCTRL authority for the database
  • SYSCTRL or SYSADM authority

Prepare to customize collector, ISPF, and CAE components

Perform the additional tasks described in Preparing to customize collector and ISPF components and Preparing to customize CAE components.