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Db2 Query Monitor includes the following recent enhancements and changes.

General documentation updates - 2024-03-12

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You can now stop the CAE Server job using a console 'P' command instead of issuing the command over the network. See CAE prerequisites.
Note: The CAE Server requires the most current maintenance of 64-bit IBM Semeru Runtime Certified Edition Java 11.
Db2 Query Monitor 3.4 removes the restriction where object filters are only applied in the structural drill-downs and the operational filters only in operational drill-downs. You can now apply filters at a much higher level in the data hierarchy. -
A new option, Use Group Attach ID for SQL PA Command, is now added to the Query Monitor Dialog Options screen. Enabling this option can pass the internal data sharing Group Attach ID instead of the SSID to the SQL/PA interface when the PA command is issued on the Activity by SQL Text panel and the Db2 database is a member of a data sharing group. See Setting ISPF dialog options. -
New fields are introduced in the Buffer Pool Statistics screen to access the metrics related to zHyperlink. See Buffer pool statistics - fields (ISPF). -
Db2 Query Monitor now includes the ability to stream some Db2 performance metrics to the OMEGAMON Data Provider (ODP) feature. ODP has been extended to enable products outside the OMEGAMON family to stream data to popular analytics platforms, such as IBM Instana, Splunk, Elastic, and Prometheus. See Configuring Query Monitor for OMEGAMON Data Provider. OA64880

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