CQMC0007I Unable to connect to CAE Agent at port ispf_listener_port


The CAE Agent was unable to establish a connection to the ISPF Client at the ISPF_LISTENER_PORT listed.

User response

Try the following actions to clear this message:

  • Verify that the CAE Agent is running.
  • In CQMCPRMS, verify that the ISPF_LISTENER_PORT parameter is correctly specified. If you make corrections to CQMCPRMS, restart the CAE Agent.
    Note: The ISPF_LISTENER_PORT you specify must be available and cannot overlap with the ports you specify using the LISTENER_PORTS and SERVER_PORT parameters.
  • If the port is correct, then check for any network issues (such as a firewall) that might affect connectivity between the CAE Agent and theISPF Client to ensure that the changes are propagated.
  • In the ISPF Client, access the IBM Db2 Query Monitor main menu. Type CLEARCAE in the option line and press Enter. Type a ? in the Query Monitor Target field on the IBM Db2 Query Monitor main menu and press Enter. Select a CAE Server for use with the current session of the ISPF Client by typing an S next to the appropriate line item and pressing Enter.