CQM207E Db2 Query Monitor was unable to connect to DB2 db2name and retrieve information from the DB2 catalog


Possible causes for this message include:
  • The control file you specified does not contain a record for the Db2 db2name specified in the message.
  • A user ID lacks authorization to connect to Db2 or execute the plan used for Db2 Query Monitor or perform some of the functions within Db2 Query Monitor.

User response

  1. Ensure the user ID has the ability to perform the desired function within Db2 Query Monitor, for example, viewing SQLTEXT requires both READ access to the CQM.SQLTEXT.qmid RACF® Facility Class Profile, and also EXECUTE authority on the plan used by Db2 Query Monitor. For more information, see Reviewing and setting proper authorizations.
  2. Verify that the control file and ssid you specified are correct. From the Db2 Query Monitor main menu, select option 7. Setup and then select 1: ZPARM, BSDS, and Load Library Information. Verify that the correct Db2 information and load libraries are specified on that panel. Verify that the values for DB2 Loadlib1 through DB2 Loadlib5 are correct, ensuring they are correct in terms of Db2 version.