CQM178E Activation failed. Db2 subsystem has not been defined in the control file.


Db2 Query Monitor was unable to connect to the requested Db2 subsystem. The control file you specified does not contain a record for this Db2 subsystem. Agent activation failed.

User response

Ensure that the control file has a record for the Db2 subsystem you specified.

  1. From the Db2 Query Monitor main menu, select option 7. Setup.
  2. Select option 1: ZPARM, BSDS, and Load Library Information.
  3. Verify that the correct values are specified in all of the fields on this panel. In particular, verify that the values for the Db2 Loadlib1 through Db2 Loadlib5 fields correspond to the current load library concatenation for the correct version of Db2.