Decache SQL codes

Follow these steps to clear the cache on the CAE Server that contains SQLCODE detail information.

About this task

When you view SQLCODE data that includes data from the current interval and drill down to summarize by any key other than SQLCODES (for example, you drill down by PLAN), the CAE Server caches SQLCODE information to improve performance. As the current interval progresses, the information in the cache can becomes outdated. For this reason, sometimes you might want to empty the cache of SQL codes so the CAE Server can load the latest SQLCODE information. If your interval selection does not include the current interval, clearing the cache should not be necessary.


From any window within the CAE Browser Client, click Application Menu > Decache SQL Codes.
Note: You do not need to decache SQL codes in the following situations:
  • If you are viewing data for the current interval and your initial drill down is by SQLCODES.
  • If you are viewing data for prior intervals.