PTFs that affect installers for Windows

Carefully read the HOLD text to determine if you need to upgrade the CAE Server when you apply a PTF that affects the installer for Windows.

About this task

CQMCAEPT.3.4.0.buildno.exe is used for providing maintenance to the other Db2 Query Monitor components, after initial installation of Db2 Query Monitor.

When a PTF is applied on the mainframe to SCQMTRAN or the updated Windows server is downloaded and installed from Fix Central, but a corresponding CAE Server upgrade is not performed, unpredictable results can occur. For example, there could be data missing from some tables or you could encounter messages such as "No collectors found" or "No data found".

Complete this procedure using the most current CQMCAEPT.3.4.0.buildno.exe. Maintenance is cumulative. The latest maintenance can be determined from the buildno (build number) which will be the highest build number sequentially.


  1. Obtain the necessary setup executable files. For more information, see Transferring the necessary set up executable files to a Windows PC
  2. Execute the file and follow the installation instructions.