Adding a custom launch

Follow these steps to create a custom launch.


  1. From any window within the CAE Browser Client, click Configuration > Custom Launch.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Type a name for the custom launch in the name box and press OK. The custom launch is added to the list of applications in the Custom Launch list and available options for the new custom launch display in the right section of the Profiles & Configuration Browser.
  4. Specify the options appropriate for the custom launch you are configuring:
    Enables you to toggle the custom launch to on or off. The custom launch is active only if it is enabled by checking this box.
    Show output
    Enables you to toggle the display of the custom launch output to on or off. Output will only be available if you select this check box.
    Obtain user confirmation before executing
    Enables you to require user confirmation prior to performing the custom launch.
    Minimum user privilege required
    The minimum user privilege required to use the custom launch.
    Attach actions to these domain elements.
    Combo-box that enables you to select the domain elements for which the custom launch is to apply.
    Make these actions available
    Identifies the actions that are to be performed for the custom launch. You can select multiple actions for a custom launch.
    Descriptive text associated with the custom launch.
    When editing a custom launch, enables you to apply all changes you have made.
    When editing a custom launch, enables you to back out of any changes you have made and restore to the last saved version of the custom launch (or cancels if you are editing a new custom launch that has not been saved).
  5. Press the Apply button to complete the application launch definition.