Removing CSET customizations

The CREMOVE option enables you to remove all customizations.

About this task

After you issue the CREMOVE command, all fixed columns are unfixed (except for those that are permanently fixed), all selected sort columns are deselected and sorting is disabled, all column sizes are set to their maximum values, and original column locations are restored.


  1. To issue the CREMOVE option, access the Setup Primary Option Menu by typing CSET in the option line of any report display and pressing Enter.
    The Setup Primary Option Menu displays.
  2. Type 6 in the Command line and press Enter.
    The CREMOVE command is issued.
  3. Alternatively, you can issue the CREMOVE command as a primary command using the following syntax:
    Removes all customizations (unfixes fixed columns, deselects selected sort columns, sorting disabled, column sizes set to maximum values, original column locations restored).
    Note: CREMOVE differs from CRESET in that CREMOVE sets all column sizes to their maximum values ignoring any initial, suggested sizes.