Fixing a column

The CFIX option enables you to fix and unfix columns. A fixed column is always located at the far left side of the display.

About this task

It does not shift horizontally (as unfixed columns do) when scrolling to the left or right. INNER COLUMN SCROLLING and CEXPAND may be used on a fixed column if the column is narrower than its maximum width. Certain columns may be permanently fixed in the report and cannot be unfixed by the user. Such a column has a fix status of P (permanently fixed).

A column cannot be fixed if it is larger than the available display area. There are also restrictions for fixing columns related to the size requirements of other columns.

To fix a column:


  1. Type CFIX in the option line on any display panel and press Enter.
    The Define Fixed Columns panel displays as shown in the following figure:
    Figure 1. Define Fixed Columns panel
     CFIX ------------------ Define Fixed Columns -------------- YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS
     Option  ===>                                                   Scroll ===> PAGE
     ------------------------------------------------------------------------     +>
                                                                         ROW 1 OF 9 
     Column Function ===> 1 (1-Fix/Unfix, 2-Order, 3-Size, 4-Sort)                  
     Permanent View  ===> Y (Y-Perm, N-Temp)  Reset View ===> N (Y,N)               
     Device_Width   :  80                                                           
     Old_Fixed_Width:  37       Old_Unfixed_Width:  43                              
     New_Fixed_Width:           New_Unfixed_Width:                                  
     Cmd New Old Len Column_Name                                                    
     P   P   P     5 CMD                                                            
     P   P   P    32 NAME                                                           
     _            10 CREATOR                                                        
     _             5 UPDT                                                           
     _            32 DESCRIPTION                                                    
     _            10 LAST_USER                                                      
     Enter: Process selections; PF3: Exit and save; CAN: Exit without save          
     Line Cmds: F Fix U Unfix                                                       

    The following fields appear on the Define Fixed Columns panel:

    Column Function
    Enables you to jump to any of the CSET functions by typing in the appropriate number. The number corresponding to the current option displays in this field.
    Permanent View
    Indicates whether the view you define is permanent or temporary. Valid values are:
    • Y–View customizations are permanent.
    • N–View customizations are temporary.
    Reset View
    Resets all customizations.
    Shows the current display device size (screen width).
    Shows the sum of the FIXED column widths prior to any changes in the current CFIX panel.
    Shows the UNFIXED area prior to any changes in the current CFIX panel. Old_Unfixed_Width = Device_Width - Old_Fixed_Width.
    Shows the sum of the FIXED column widths that will result if the FIX/UNIFIX changes are saved.
    Shows the UNFIXED area that will result if the FIX/UNFIX changes are saved. New_Unfixed_Width = Device_Width - New_Fixed_Width.
    Field where you specify line commands. Valid line commands are F (fix) and U (unfix).
    Displays the new CFIX view settings.
    Displays the previous CFIX view settings.
    Shows the length of the column.
    Shows the name of the column.
  2. Type F in the Cmd field next to column(s) you want to fix.
  3. Type U in the Cmd field next to column(s) you want to unfix.
  4. Press Enter.
    The changed values display in the New column next to the corresponding column(s).
  5. Press PF3 to save changes and return to the display panel.