Updating a filter line

Follow these steps to update a filter line to modify its settings.


  1. Type FILTER in the Option field of a panel that allows filtering and press Enter.
  2. Type U next to the filter line you want to update, and press Enter.
    The Update Filter Line panel is displayed:
    Figure 1. Update Filter Line panel
    --------------------------- Update Filter Line --------------------------  
    Option  ===> _____________________________________________________________
      Operator      EQ         (EQ,GE,GT,LE,LT,NE)                            
      Column Value  fds_________________________________________________________

    The input fields that display on the Update Filter Line panel include:

    Column name
    The name of the column the filter examines when looking for a match.
    The operator used when matching column values and column names. Valid values are EQ (equal to), GE (greater than or equal to), GT (greater than), LE (less than or equal to), LT (less than), and NE (not equal to).
    Column value
    The value on which to base the match for the filter line.
  3. Edit the column name, operator, and column value as necessary.
  4. Press PF3 to save the filter and exit the Update Filter Line panel.