Accessing filter management

Follow these steps to access Db2 Query Monitor's filter management functionality.


  1. Issue the FILTER command from a panel or subpanel that supports filtering. The Active Filters panel displays.
  2. Type Y in the Display Defined Filters field and specify a filter data set name in the Filter Dataset Name field. If you specify a fully-qualified data set name, the name must be enclosed in single-quotes, for example:
    Figure 1. Active Filters panel
    CQM$FILT ------------ Active Filters --------------------  Row 1 of 2   
    Option  ===> _________________________________________________________________ 
      Type "CREATE" on command line to create filter line                          
      Enable Filtering......... N  (Y/N)   Mixed Case … Y (Y/N)                                                
      Exclude Filtered Data.... N  (Y/N)  Match Case … N (Y/N)                                  
      Display Defined Filters.. Y  (Y/N)                                           
      Filter Dataset Name......'TWUSER.CQM.FILTERS' ______________________       
      AND/OR between columns... AND  (AND/OR)                                      
      AND/OR within a column... OR_  (AND/OR)                                      
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------     > 
    CMD  Column   OP Value                                                         
     -   -------- -- --------------------------------------------------------------
     _   PLAN     EQ PLANA                                                         
    ***************************** Bottom of Data **********************************
     Press Enter/PF3 to update filter variables or CANCEL to exit                 
  3. Press Enter. The Filter Maintenance panel displays:
    Figure 2. Filter Maintenance panel
    YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS  -------- Filter Maintenance --------  Row 1 of 2          
    Option  ===>                                                  Scroll ===> PAGE 
    Filter DSN: USER.CQM.FILTERS                                                
      Type "CREATE" on command line to create filter                               
    C:S-Select,U-Update,V-View,D-Delete,C-Copy,R-Rename,N-New Filter               
    CMD  Name             Description                                              
     -   --------         --------------------------------                         
     _   FILTER01                                                                  
     _   FILTER02                                                                  
    ***************************** Bottom of Data **********************************

    The fields and columns that display on the Filter Maintenance panel include:

    Filter DSN
    The name of the filter data set for which the Filter Maintenance panel currently displays information.
    The name of the filter.
    The description of the filter.

    The commands available on the Filter Maintenance panel include:

    Create (Primary command CREATE)
    Create a new filter.
    U - Update
    Update the description for a filter.
    V - View
    View the filter.
    D - Delete
    Delete the filter.
    C - Copy
    Copy the filter.
    R - Rename
    Rename the filter.
    N - New Filter
    Create a new filter.
    S - Select
    Select a filter for use with your Db2 Query Monitor ISPF session.
  4. You can now work with defined filters as needed.