Offloading data to Analytics Accelerator

Use the procedures in this section to offload data from your Performance History Files (VSAM files) to IBM® Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS® (Analytics Accelerator). You can load Db2 Query Monitor data to Analytics Accelerator in order to bypass Db2, reduce cost, and reduce the time that is required to make data available.


Accelerator-only tables (AOTs)
Accelerator-only tables (AOTs) are tables that do not originate from Db2 base tables. Their data exists on the accelerator only. Queries and Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements against accelerator-only tables are always routed to the accelerator.
Accelerator shadow table
An accelerator-shadow table is a table on the accelerator that is a copy of a Db2 table. The accelerator-shadow table contains all or a subset of the Db2 table columns. For example, columns with column types that are not supported by accelerator are omitted. After the table is defined on the accelerator, you can load data into that table by copying data from the original Db2 table to the corresponding table on the accelerator.