Viewing host variables for an exception

Follow these steps to view host variables for an exception.


  1. On the DB2 Query Monitor main menu, type 5 in the Option field and press Enter.
  2. Locate the exception for which you want to view host variable information.
  3. Type H in the CMD field next to the SQL activity of interest and press Enter.
    The Input Host Variables panel is displayed:
    Figure 1. Input Host Variables panel
    YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS  ---- Input Host Variables -------  Row 1 of 3          
    Option  ===> ________________________________________________ Scroll ===> PAGE 
     DB2 SSID: R71C   Plan: DB2V7032   DBRM: DB2V7S01  Coll: DB2V7032              
                      Cursor: DYNAMIC1_CURSOR     Section:       1                 
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------     > 
    Number  Type                Null  Length  Data                                 
         1  CHARACTER            N        18  SYSTABLE%%%%%%%%%%                   
    ***************************** Bottom of Data **********************************
    Note: Db2 Query Monitor does not collect host variables in native stored procedures. Db2 Query Monitor does collect information about the running of native stored procedures such as elapse time, etc.

    These columns display on the Input Host Variables panel:

    A line number used to identify a host variable in the list of host variables.
    The data type of the host variable (CHARACTER, INTEGER, NUMBER, etc.).
    Indicates whether or not the host variable data is null. Valid values are:
    Not null.
    The length of the data retrieved for the host variable.
    The data retrieved for the host variable.