Exporting the ISPF log to a data set

You can export the ISPF log to the data set of your choice.


  1. Type EXPORTLOG in the option line of any Db2 Query Monitor panel and press Enter.
    The Export CQM ISPF Log to DSN panel is displayed:
    Figure 1. Export CQM ISPF to DSN panel
    CQM$EXPL ------------- Export CQM ISPF Log to DSN ---------------------- 
    Option ===> _________________________________________________ 
    Data set ... ______________________________________________ 
    Member. ________ (Required if data set is a PDS) 
    Press Enter to process request or PF3/CANCEL to exit
  2. Specify the data set and member (if exporting to a PDS) to which you want the Db2 Query Monitor ISPF log exported.