Monitoring configurations define what events are received for which domain elements and with what alternative event processing options.

When defining a monitoring configuration, you specify a set of event types and a set of elements (a scope), and optionally one or more parameter overrides that modify the event processing behavior.

To specify the set of elements covered by the monitoring configuration, you select a scope from the list of all scopes for your Db2 Query Monitor system.

To specify the set of event types, you check off those event types or groups of event types to include or exclude using a tree structure selection tool. In the case where two monitoring configurations overlap and only one specifies overrides, the overrides will apply to the common events and elements. In overlap cases with conflicting parameter overrides, behavior is non-deterministic, and a configuration error will be reported.

Check boxes located in the list next to the monitoring configurations can be toggled to enable or disable specific monitoring configurations or groups of monitoring configurations. If you toggle a check box, a dialog box prompts you to confirm your change before it takes effect.