Custom launch

Custom launch menu choices are available in pop-up menus when you right-click a domain element in the Alerts Browser. You can configure these menu choices to show for a subset of domain elements in a scope. Custom launches can be configured to trigger any action.

Custom launches enable you to specify external applications to initiate for certain domain elements in a particular scope. You can use custom launch to link an action (such as launching an external application or executing a shell command) with the domain elements in a particular scope. Each time a custom launch is executed, there will be a message in the Action Console output at the start and end of the action.

  1. The Cancel Thread custom launch is added and enabled for Db2SqlStatement. You should not use “Automatic Cancel Thread” in this context.
  2. In the Alerts Browser, for messages of Db2SqlStatement, the right-click menu will show Tools > Cancel Thread to launch the cancel thread custom launch. This action uses the same cancel thread security verification as Cancel Thread under Current Activity.
  3. Configuration control actions are global actions, that is, they are not executed upon a specified DomainElement but instead have no subject. Because configuration control actions are global actions, Db2 Query Monitor does not currently allow their placement of in a custom launch.