Monitoring Agent

The Query Monitor subsystem works with the CQC through the use of monitoring agents. A monitoring agent is the interface that Db2 Query Monitor installs within a Db2 subsystem to capture SQL performance data.

One monitoring agent is installed for each monitored Db2 subsystems. For example, if one Query Monitor subsystem performs data collection on two Db2 subsystems, then two monitoring agents are required, one for each Db2 subsystem. Each monitoring agent can optionally have a monitoring profile associated with it.

When monitoring of a Db2 subsystem is activated for the first time, a monitoring agent is installed on that Db2 subsystem. The monitoring agent is uninstalled when the Query Monitor subsystem that monitors that Db2 subsystem is stopped. A monitoring agent cannot be uninstalled without first stopping Query Monitor subsystem. The deactivate command does not uninstall the monitoring agent.