Installing the CAE Server

The CAE Server can be installed on either Windows or USS. Additionally, the CAE Server can function alone (single-server installation) or as part of a HAFT installation.

Refer to the following topics for the various installation scenarios:


When deciding whether to use the CAE Server on Windows or USS, consider the following:

  • The CAE Server is typically deployed on Windows in order to reduce resource consumption on the mainframe.
  • High-Availability Fault Tolerant installation on USS involves fewer steps than failover installation on Windows.
  • If you implement the CAE Server on Windows, there is no runtime USS requirement. Although the SMP/E installation process automatically installs the USS CAE Server components during the SMP/E installation process, those components can be ignored and do not need to be configured if you plan to run the CAE Server on Windows.

Installation log

The installation log is created in the folder where Db2 Query Monitor is being installed.