Db2 Data Access Common Collector

The Db2 Data Access Common Collector (CQC) is a product that is used by Db2 Query Monitor.

The CQC reduces CPU overhead by collecting data for multiple products:

  • IBM® Db2 Query Monitor for z/OS® (CQM) 3.4.0
  • IBM Security Guardium S-TAP for Db2 on z/OS V10.1.3 and V11.3.0

The CQC collects the following data:

  • SQL metrics
  • Db2 object access
  • SQL text
  • Db2 commands
  • Host variables

The CQC is not a stand-alone address space. It provides the collection points for the Db2 address space. The physical code for the CQC runs in the DBM1 address space and collects the data necessary for the products that use it. The collected data is stored in memory objects that are owned by the Support Service Address Space.