Accessing the CAE Browser Client


After the CAE Server has started, you can access the CAE Browser Client by pointing your web browser to the host running the CAE Server.

For example:

  • When accessing the CAE Browser Client, if you see a certificate error or an untrusted connection message, review the information in Certificates requirements - USS and Windows and Installing a single CAE Server - Windows to determine the best resolution for your site.
  • The browser connects only through https.
  • If the CAE Server uses the CQM_HTTPS_PORT parameter to specify a port other than 443, the value needs to be added to the url. In that case the url would be:

    where port is the port number specified via CQM_HTTPS_PORT

Connecting to the base URL presents a home page that can be viewed without having to log in.

To view pages associated with the Activity Browser, the Alerts Browser, and Configuration Browser, you must log in to the CAE Server to establish a web session.