Calculating space required for OBJSDATA

The OBJSDATA backstore data set holds data about object access on a summary level. The OBJSDATA contains a record for each unique object access by a unique SQL call (see METRDATA section).

About this task

Referring to the example SQL call sequence in section Calculating space required for METRDATA, if the PREPARE at statement number 100 accesses 7 objects and OPTKEYS is not in effect there will be 7 OBJSDATA records written. If OPTKEYS(AUTHIDS) is in effect and the object activity is the same for the call, but repeated for 200 users there will be 1400 OBJSDATA records written.

To determine the number of tracks required for the OBJSDATA backstore data set, following the same procedures as the METRDATA backstore except change the record size to the OBJSDATA record length of 696.