Viewing and navigating activity

The Activity Browser provides several different ways for you to view and navigate your data about your site's SQL activity.


These three components in the Activity Browser enable you to view and navigate Db2 Query Monitor data:

data table
The data table shows data collected by Db2 Query Monitor in rows and columns. You can use line commands to drill down and view activity of interest.
details pane
The details pane shows data collected by Db2 Query Monitor in tabs and lists.
pie chart
The pie chart shows data collected by Db2 Query Monitor as a pie chart. The pie chart provides a visual representation of SQL activity.

The data table, details pane, and pie chart are connected to each other. When you select a row in the data table, the corresponding slice in the pie chart is brought into focus and the details pane is updated to reflect the information for the selected row. This enables you to visualize the contribution made by a selected row makes to the whole. When you hover over a slice in the pie chart, the corresponding row in the data table is selected and the details pane is updated. This enables you to view other metrics for a slice of interest.

Retrieving updated data for a selection

When you use the data table to navigate the data that is displayed in the Activity Browser, be aware that the source, target, perspective, and intervals you select are the primary controls that determine the data that is displayed. You can further refine your view of data by using filters and by issuing drill down commands for lines of interest.

Also note that in the Activity Browser, there are controls that you can use to specify the data that is returned to the Activity Browser. In many situations, interacting with these controls does not cause new data to be retrieved. To retrieve new data, you must execute the selection by pressing the Enter key or clicking the Run button. The following actions result in the retrieval of new table data and modify the URL:

  • Clicking the Run button
  • Pressing Enter when the focus is on an option field
  • Clicking on a path link button
  • Clicking on the intervals stepper to move the current interval up or down
  • Using your browser navigation (for example, using the browser back button, or selecting a bookmark)