About the blackboard

The blackboard is a component of the CAE that interacts with the CAE Server and the CAE Browser Client.

Db2 Query Monitor's CAE Server performs alert analysis and correlation before passing data to the blackboard. The blackboard, in turn, passes data to any automated responses configured on the CAE Server. Additionally, the CAE Browser Client retrieves data from the blackboard.

Messages that are posted on the blackboard are retrieved by message boards in the CAE Browser Clients. Those message boards can be configured to display only messages that meet filter criteria. However, filter criteria affect individual message boards only and have no effect on other message boards or the blackboard.

Some commands that take place on message boards affect the blackboard. These include:

Set the status of the message in the blackboard to acknowledge which indicates to all CAE Browser Client users that the message has been acknowledged by a user. The acknowledgment status suspends the message's priority escalation.
Clear the acknowledge status and allows the message to resume priority escalation if it continues to remain unacknowledged.
Delete the message from the blackboard and as a result removes it from display in all CAE Browser Client message boards.