Using the MODIFY command

You can issue these MODIFY commands from SDSF to activate or deactivate a monitoring agent and to change or refresh a monitoring profile.

MODIFY/F cqmtaskname,ACTIVATE(ssss,profname)
Activates the monitoring agent (cqmtaskname) using the specified monitoring profile (profname) to monitor the specified Db2 subsystem ssss. If the monitoring agent is already actively monitoring the Db2 subsystem, the ACTIVATE command changes the monitoring profile to the one you specify.
MODIFY/F cqmtaskname,DEACTIVATE(ssss)
Deactivates a monitoring agent (cqmtaskname) for the specified Db2 subsystem (ssss).
MODIFY/F cqmtaskname,CHANGE_PROF(ssss,profname)
Changes the monitoring profile to the value you specify (profname) for the Db2 subsystem (ssss).
MODIFY/F cqmtaskname,REFRESH_PROF(ssss)
Refreshes the monitoring profile for the specified monitoring agent (cqmtaskname) and Db2 subsystem (ssss).
MODIFY/F cqmtaskname,MONITOR
Restarts monitoring after being in NOMON mode for the specified monitoring agent (cqmtaskname).