Deactivating a monitoring agent

You can deactivate a monitoring agent and stop capturing data about query activity for Db2 subsystem.

About this task

When you deactivate a monitoring agent, the monitoring agent is not removed from Db2.

If you want to change the Query Monitor Subsystem that is monitoring a Db2 subsystem, shut down the current Query Monitor Subsystem before starting the new Query Monitor Subsystem.


  1. On the DB2 Query Monitor main menu, type 6 in the Option field and press Enter.
  2. Type D in the CMD field next to the line item for which you want to deactivate monitoring and press Enter.
    Figure 1. Deactivate Monitoring Agent panel
     ----------- Deactivate Monitoring Agent ------------------- 
    Option  ===> _________________________________________________        
      The monitoring agent will be deactivated for DB2 SS01              
      Press Enter to de-activate agent or PF3/CANCEL to exit
  3. Press Enter.