Activating a monitoring agent

You can activate a monitoring agent to collect data about a Db2 subsystem.


  1. On the Db2 Query Monitor main menu, type 6 in the Option field and press Enter.
  2. Type A in the CMD field next to the monitoring agent you want to activate, and press Enter.
    Figure 1. Activate Monitoring Agent panel
     ------------ Activate Monitoring Agent --------------------- 
    Option  ===> _________________________________________________        
      The following monitoring agent will be activated on the QM01 QM     
      DB2 Subsystem .......... SS01                                       
      Profile Name ........... ________   (Leave blank for                
                                            no monitoring profile or      
                                            enter "?" for a list of       
      Press Enter to activate agent or PF3/CANCEL to exit                 
  3. Confirm that the Db2 subsystem ID shown in the DB2 Subsystem field is the Db2 subsystem you want to monitor.
  4. (Optional) Specify a monitoring profile for use with the monitoring agent.
    1. Type the monitoring agent name in the Profile Name field.
      The Monitoring Profiles panel is displayed.
    2. Type S in the CMD field next to the monitoring profile you want to select, and press Enter.
  5. Press Enter.