Resultant Email: SqlCpuProblem event.type

The following email illustrates the type of email that might be sent based on the KBML source code above if an event.type SqlCpuProblem occurs.

Figure 1. SqlCpuProblem Email
From: CQM
To: Fred Jones
Subject: attributes for SqlCpuProblem
Attributes from events. Event type Db2SqlEvent.

event.getAttribute("JOBNAME"): JOBNAME1
event.getAttribute("SQL_TYPE"): OPEN
event.getAttribute("CONNECTION_NAME"): SERVER
event.getAttribute("NETID"): GA0101FE
event.getAttribute("LUNAME"): O23D
event.getAttribute("CURSOR_NAME"): SQL_CURLH200C2
event.getAttribute("REQUESTING_SITE_NAME"): nn.n.n.nnn
event.getAttribute("WORKLOAD"): DIST WORK

event is not an SqlError