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Creating an Internet site document

You can create Internet site documents for Web, IMAP, POP3, LDAP, SMTP Inbound, and IIOP Internet protocols. You create one document at a time.

Note When creating or enabling Internet Site Documents, you will also need to configure Internet Site Documents for protocols you are already using or those protocols may stop functioning or they may behave differently. When Internet Site documents are enabled, protocol information that was previously taken from the Server document will be taken from the Internet Site documents.

To create an Internet site document

Perform the following steps:

  1. From the IBM® Lotus® Domino® Administrator, click Configuration - Web - Internet sites.
  2. Click Add Internet site, and select the type of Internet site document to create.
  3. Click the Basics tab, and complete these fields:
  4. Field


    Descriptive name for this site

    (Optional) Enter a name that differentiates this site from all others that you create. This name appears in the Internet sites view in this format: the type of Internet site, the descriptive name, and the host name or address. For example:

    Web Site: MyWebSite (www.acme.com)

    If you do not enter a name, the default name is the type of Internet site document with the host name or address appended. For example:

    POP3 Site: (www.acme.com)

    For hosted environments -- The default descriptive name is a combination of the hosted organization name with the type of site document appended. For example, a Domino IIOP site with a hosted organization name of Acme would Acme IIOP Site.


    (Required for all Internet site documents) Enter the name of the registered organization that hosts the Internet site document. The name must correspond to the organization's certifier.

    Note For Web Sites set up in a non-service provider configuration, this name can be any suitable word or phrase.

    Use this Web site to handle requests which cannot be mapped to any other Web sites

    (Web Site documents only) Choose one:

    • Yes -- This Web site processes incoming HTTP requests if Domino cannot locate the Web sites that were entered in the "Host names or addresses mapped to this site" field.
    • No (default) -- This Web site does not process incoming HTTP requests for which Domino cannot locate a Web site.

    Host names or addresses mapped to this site

    (Required for all Internet site documents) Enter the target host names or IP addresses that trigger a connection's use of this Internet site document.

    If the site is set up for SSL, you must specify IP addresses.

    For hosted environments -- When creating Domino IIOP Site documents, the first host name IP address that is on this list will be used to advertise DIIOP's service creating diiop_ior.txt. Therefore, it is recommended that each Domino server have its own Internet site document.

    Domino servers that host this site

    (Required for all Internet site documents) Enter the name of one or more Domino servers that host this site. You can use any variation of distinguished name (for example, Server1/Sales/Acme) as well as wildcards (for example, */Acme).

    The default is (*), which means that all servers in the domain can host this site.

    If you leave the field blank, the Internet site will not be loaded on any Domino server.

  5. For all Internet site documents, complete the settings on the Security tab.
  6. Some Internet sites require additional configuration. The table below indicates the Internet site documents that require additional configuration, and the locations for settings in those documents for enabling additional configuration information unique to those protocols.
  7. Document


    Web Site

    Configuration tab

    Domino Web Engine tab

    IMAP Site

    Public Folder tab

    IIOP Site

    Configuration tab

  8. Save and close the document.
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