New way to synchronize database replicas

IBM Domino 10 provides a new argument for the Replicate command, -F, to force a full database replication when replicas of a database get out of sync. The replication occurs on the side and allows users to continue to see replication updates during the full replication. In addition, the -L argument is available to log information about the documents (notes) that would replicate if you use the -F option but without actually performing the replication,.

Previously, the only option was doing a full replication of content by clearing the replication history to achieve the same result. For large databases, a full replication can take time and delay the replication of new updates until it is complete. For example, if you clear the replication history of a mail file, the user might not see new mail until the full replication completes.

For more information, see Forcing a full database replication