LotusScript Classes A-Z

This documentation lists each class, property, and method in the Domino® class library. Each class is followed by an alphabetical listing of the properties for that class and an alphabetical listing of the methods for that class. To find the property or method you want, turn to the class to which the property or method belongs.

This section defines:

Properties and methods with ECL security

LotusScript® constants

Button class

Field class

Navigator class

NotesACL class

NotesACLEntry class

NotesAdministrationProcess class

NotesAgent class

NotesColorObject class

NotesDatabase class

NotesDateRange class

NotesDateTime class

NotesDbDirectory class

NotesDocument class

NotesDocumentCollection class

NotesDOMAttributeNode class

NotesDOMCDATASectionNode class

NotesDOMCharacterDataNode class

NotesDOMCommentNode class

NotesDOMDocumentFragmentNode class

NotesDOMDocumentNode class

NotesDOMDocumentTypeNode class

NotesDOMElementNode class

NotesDOMEntityNode class

NotesDOMEntityReferenceNode class

NotesDOMNamedNodeMap class

NotesDOMNode class

NotesDOMNodeList class

NotesDOMNotationNode class

NotesDOMParser class

NotesDOMProcessingInstructionNode class

NotesDOMTextNode class

NotesDOMXMLDeclNode class

NotesDXLExporter class

NotesDXLImporter class

NotesEmbeddedObject class

NotesForm class

NotesInternational class

NotesItem class

NotesLog class

NotesMIMEEntity class

NotesMIMEHeader class

NotesName class

NotesNewsletter class

NotesNoteCollection class

NotesOutline class

NotesOutlineEntry class

NotesRegistration class

NotesReplication class

NotesReplicationEntry class

NotesRichTextDocLink class

NotesRichTextItem class

NotesRichTextNavigator class

NotesRichTextParagraphStyle class

NotesRichTextRange class

NotesRichTextSection class

NotesRichTextStyle class

NotesRichTextTab class

NotesRichTextTable class

NotesSAXAttributeList class

NotesSAXException class

NotesSAXParser class

NotesSession class

NotesStream class

NotesTimer class

NotesUIDatabase class

NotesUIDocument class

NotesUIScheduler class

NotesUIView class

NotesUIWorkspace class

NotesView class

NotesViewColumn class

NotesViewEntry class

NotesViewEntryCollection class

NotesViewNavigator class

NotesXMLProcessor class

NotesXSLTranformer class