Java Classes A-Z

These are the lotus.domino classes that access the Domino® Objects. Following each class are alphabetical descriptions of the properties and methods for that class. A "property" consists of the Java methods that get/set properties of Domino Objects. To find the property or method you want, turn to the class to which the property or method belongs.

This section defines the following:

Properties and methods with ECL security

Domino Object supporting classes and methods


Visibility interface

ACL class

ACLEntry class

Agent class

AgentContext class

AdministrationProcess class

ColorObject class

Database class

DateRange class

DateTime class

DbDirectory class

Directory class

DirectoryNavigator class

Document class

DocumentCollection class

DxlExporter class

DxlImporter class

EmbeddedObject class

Form class

International class

Item class

Log class

MIMEEntity class

MIMEHeader class

Name class

Newsletter class

NoteCollection class

NotesProperty class

Outline class

OutlineEntry class

PropertyBroker class

Registration class

Replication class

ReplicationEntry class

RichTextDoclink class

RichTextItem class

RichTextNavigator class

RichTextParagaraphStyle class

RichTextRange class

RichTextSection class

RichTextStyle class

RichTextTab class

RichTextTable class

Session class

Stream class

View class

ViewColumn class

ViewEntry class

ViewEntryCollection class

ViewNavigator class