Thread Analysis view

A whole range of application threading problems can be solved using the profiler Thread analyzer.

About this task

  • Thread count
  • Thread state: running, sleeping, waiting, blocked
  • Thread interactions

To analyze application threading behavior:

  1. Follow the steps to launch or attach to a process for profiling.
  2. Under the Profile Settings tab, set any desired filters by clicking Edit options.
  3. Select Thread Analysis.
  4. Following the successful launch of the application, you will see the process and the agent appear under the Profiling Monitor view.

The available views for Thread Analysis are:

Table 1.
Thread statistics Provides a live snapshot of the application thread count, an overview of the thread statistics including the thread states. Selecting a thread instance in the table and clicking the Show Call Stack button, will display the Call Stack view with information on the selected thread.
Monitor Statistics Provides information about the classes monitored in each thread.
Threads Visualizer Provides a graphical representation of the thread over time and the call stack associated with the state. To analyze a thread, select a thread and navigate the thread state by using arrows provided on the window bar. You an also click and drag on the slider to increase or decrease the scale of the thread state view. Double click on the thread event to view the call stack of the thread state change. The thread states are color coded according to the legend, which is displayed by clicking the Legend button.