Enabling UPIA modeling capabilities

To use the UPIA modeling features to develop UPIA models, you must globally enable the UPIA modeling capability.


  1. Click Window > Preferences, expand General, and click Capabilities.
  2. On the Capabilities page, click Advanced, expand Modeling, and select the UPIA Modeling check box. All UPIA modeling capabilities are enabled.
  3. Optional: To limit UPIA capabilities for new models, clear the check box next to UPIA capabilities that you do not want displayed in the UI. You might choose to limit UPIA capabilities in order to prevent unused UPIA commands and tools from being displayed in the UI.

    Although the individual UPIA modeling capabilities can be changed globally in the Preferences window, this does not affect existing models. The capabilities defined on the root model element override the Preferences window capability settings.

  4. Click OK; then click OK again.


You can also configure individual UPIA capabilities by using modeling viewpoints or by configuring capabilities in the model root.