Model-to-model transformation that specifies a URI as its target

This sample shows a model-to-model transformation that has a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) as its target.
Time required: 20 minutes
To successfully work with this sample, you must have the Transformation authoring component installed.
Note: This sample might require some optionally installable components. If you encounter errors or cannot find user interface options when you run a sample, ensure that you installed the appropriate optional components.

By default, a model-to-model transformation generates a model of a different level of abstraction, and a transformation user specifies a model file as the transformation target. As a transformation author, after you generate the source code for a model-to-model transformation, you can customize the code so that a transformation user can specify a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), instead of a model file, as the transformation target. A transformation user can specify a new URI or the URI of an existing model.

Note: After downloading the sample, import the sample project into your Eclipse workspace. To import the sample, click File > Import > Existing projects into workspace > Select archive file and select the downloaded sample project file.