JET exemplar-structured data importers for importing spreadsheet information

This sample contains exemplar Java™ Emitter Templates (JET) transformation projects that you can use to import model information that is contained in a spreadsheet. After you import a JET exemplar transformation, you can examine the sample JET templates that iterate through the spreadsheet information and use the UML, deployment planning, or UML Profile-Based Integrated Architecture (UPIA) JET tag libraries to create the corresponding model elements.
Time required: The sample JET transformation project only takes a few minutes to import and open; however, you might spend additional time exploring and examining the structure and contents of the exemplar spreadsheet, the JET transformation, and the model that the JET transformation updates.

To successfully work with the sample JET transformation and import the spreadsheet information, you must have the Structured Data Importer features installed. To import information into a topology, you must also have the deployment planning features installed.

After you import a JET exemplar transformation project, in the Project Explorer view, navigate to the templates/main.jet file and observe how the contents of the comma-separated values (CSV) file are parsed and how the tags in the built-in JET tag libraries are invoked to create corresponding model elements.

After you import the CSV file that contains the model representation, in the Project Explorer view, explore the updated target model.