Importing units from topologies into UML models

You can import units from a topology into a UML model by opening a UML diagram in the editor and dragging the topology units from the Project Explorer view to the UML diagram editor. You can import topology units into most types of UML diagrams this way. For example, while working on a topology, you might notice that you left an important element or other important details out of the UML model. In this case, you can make the appropriate changes in the topology and then import the new or changed units into the UML model.

About this task

When you import units into a UML model this way, the UML editor does not create links in the UML model. However, after you import units into a UML model, you can create links between the units in a sequence diagram and then add that sequence diagram as a constraint, as explained in Using UML interactions as constraints in topologies.

As a shortcut, you can right-click the unit in the topology editor, click Visualize, and then click the type of diagram to add the unit to, such as a sequence diagram or component diagram.