Setting the code coverage refresh interval on the server

The rate at which the server refreshes code coverage statistics is set automatically and is adjusted dynamically. However, you can choose to manually set the refresh rate policy.

About this task

By default, the rate at which the code coverage statistics are refreshed on the server are set automatically and the refresh rate is dynamically adjusted based on the time it takes to process the data set. For example, a small data set, which would typically require smaller amount of time to refresh than a large data set, will automatically have its refresh rate adjusted to a smaller time interval.

You can choose to set the initial refresh rate manually (for example, because you know the data set will likely require more or less time to refresh than the default initial refresh rate) and change the policy for adjusting the refresh interval (for example, so that refresh rate is more quickly adjusted to match the processing time of the data).

To set the code coverage refresh interval policies, complete the following steps.


  1. Open the Servers view (Window > Show View > Servers).
  2. Right-click the server and then click Open.
  3. In the Code Coverage Refresh Interval section, clear the selection Automatically configure the refresh interval.
  4. Optional: In the Initial interval refresh rate (in seconds) field, enter the number of seconds to elapse before the code coverage statistics are refreshed for the first time on the server.
  5. Optional: Move the Interval self-adjustment policy slider to change the degree to which the refresh rate is adjusted based on the latest amount of time it took to process the data set. Move the slider to the left to select a more gradual adjustment policy and to the right if you want the refresh rate to be changed to more closely match the most recent refresh time for the data set. The choices are listed below from left to right.
    Option Description
    Passive This setting will most gradually adjust the refresh rate.
    Average This is the default setting
    Last refresh The refresh rate will be set to the last amount of time it took to process and refresh the data set.
  6. Press CTRL + S to save your changes.