Comparing code coverage statistics

You can generate a report that compare the code coverage statistics of two launches.

About this task

Before you can generate a comparison report you must have two or more application launches for which code coverage statistics were generated.


You can run a code coverage comparison report using either of the following methods:
    1. In the main workbench menu, click Run > Code Coverage > Generate Report.
    2. In the Code Coverage Reports window, select two launches for which you want to compare code coverage results (press Ctrl and click to select multiple launches).
    3. Under Report Format and Location, select Comparison Report.
    4. Select either Workbench report or HTML report.
    5. Select either View report or View and save report.
    6. Click Run.
    1. In the main workbench menu, click Window > Show View > Other > Code Coverage > Code Coverage Results.
    2. In the Code Coverage Results view, select two code coverage results that you want to compare (press Ctrl + click to select multiple results).
    3. Right-click and then click Compare.
    Note: This method generates only a workbench comparison report.


The report comparing the code coverage statistics from the two code coverage results is generated. The report is similar to a code coverage report. However, the numbers in parenthesis show the change in the values between the most recent and the previous result.