Printing topics and creating PDFs in the product help system

In the product help system, you can print a section of topics at the same time. With a local PDF distiller, you can also print your topics directly to a PDF file.

Before you begin

Note: To print topics to a PDF file, you must have a PDF distiller that you can specify in the print preferences. You can download a free PDF distiller from the internet, or your company might have one available for your use.


To print a group of topics for hardcopy or PDF:

  1. In the Contents pane, select the topic or the parent topic of the group of topics you want to print.
  2. Click the Print icon EHS print icon.
  3. Select Print selected topic or Print selected topic and all subtopics. The printing preferences open in a new window for you to customize your print settings.
  4. Customize your print settings.
  5. Optional: To create a PDF from your selected topics, specify your PDF distiller as the selected printer.
  6. Click OK.