Creating and running pluglets

Pluglets are written in Java™ and reside in a pluglet project.

Before you begin

You need to create a pluglet project first. After you finish creating the pluglet project, use the New Pluglet wizard to create your new pluglet.


  1. Click File > New > Pluglet to open the New Pluglet wizard.
  2. On the Select page, choose one of the pluglets. The available pluglets are Simple, UML Modeler, Workbench.
    1. To start with the basic pattern for all pluglets, on the Select page click Simple and then click Pluglet.
    2. To create a pluglet that lists the contents of a selected class in a model, on the Select page click UMLModeler and then click Model Enumeration.
    1. To create a pluglet that replaces the text editor selection, on the Select page click Workbench > Text Editor and then click Replace Text Editor Selection Pluglet.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Type the name for the new pluglet in the Name field. Start with an uppercase letter.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. Select the pluglet in the Package Explorer view.
  7. Click Run > Internal Tools, and click the name of your pluglet.
  8. Click Run.

What to do next

See the Implementing pluglets topic for an example of how to work with a Model Enumeration pluglet.