Security considerations for IBM® DevOps Model Architect

You can take actions to ensure that your installation is secure, customize your security settings, and set up user access controls. You can also ensure that you know about any security limitations that you might encounter with this application.

Enabling security during the installation process

IBM® DevOps Model Architect is a desktop application that provides integration with various products, such as databases and application servers. .

There are no other direct installation processes that apply security measures. Ensure that you apply the required security privileges within the product by using the appropriate wizards, dialogs, and editors to connect to:
  • Databases
  • Application servers
  • Proxy servers
  • Enterprise information systems

Enabling secure communication between multiple applications

You can use the Server Creation wizard and the Server Editor to configure the security between IBM® DevOps Model Architect and any of the following applications:
  • WebSphere® Application Server Liberty Profile

You can use the Database Connection wizard to configure the security between IBM® DevOps Model Architect and a database.

Access controls are managed by the operating system and the security system of the targeted products. For information about the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publications security standard compliance, see NIST SP800-131A compliance.

Ports, protocols, and services

Internal processes, tasks, and services do not require a fixed user ID. IBM® DevOps Model Architect uses a wide variety of ports and protocols. You can configure these ports and protocols in the product; ports might be generated randomly for use by the tools.

Privacy policy considerations

This software offering does not use cookies or other technologies to collect personally identifiable information. For more information about cookies, see the Notices topic.