Essentials of modeling with DevOps Model Architect - Self-paced training

If you are new to IBM® DevOps Model Architect, there are several resources available to help you start modeling using UML. This section introduces you to the self-paced learning materials, Essentials of Modeling with DevOps Model Architect, and supplements the content in the training material by providing links to additional resources. Explore the selection of help topics, tours, tutorials, samples and movies to learn more about features described in each of the self-paced training modules.

Self-paced training

This self-paced training helps architects and development leads start modeling using UML with DevOps Model Architect. You gain hands-on experience as you are introduced to the modeling and integration features. You learn to use model templates, UML diagrams, deployment architectures, and the IBM WebSphere® Business Modeler integrations. You also experiment with model validation, traceability, and transformations to generate development artifacts.