Completing merge sessions for the output of transformations

After you resolve or reject all differences, you can complete and close a transformation output merge session. A merge is completed when changed resources are saved and differences are marked as merged, which enables the merge session to be closed.


  1. Optional: To cancel a merge session, in the Merge the Transformation Output window, click Cancel.
    Important: If you cancel a merge session, generated target content that is not resolved and saved in the existing target files is lost.
  2. If artifacts in the Target pane have asterisks (*) beside resources, which indicate changes to files, click Save for each resource. You are also prompted to save any unsaved resources after you close the merge session.
  3. Optional: Validate the changed files.
  4. In the Target pane, right-click each file that is marked with the change icon, and click Mark as Merged. Target artifacts do not have to complete a merge to be marked as merged. When all differences are marked as merged, the OK button becomes available.
  5. Click OK.