Transforming Web service models into a Worklight adaptor

Use IBM® DevOps Model Architect to transform a model and generate Worklight adapters with the elements of the Web services model selected. You can select the transformations depending on the type of Web services you need to invoke. With IBM Worklight, you can simplify and accelerate the development, testing, and delivery of your mobile apps. IBM Worklight offers an Eclipse-based visual development and a server environment for you to create native, hybrid, and standard web mobile applications, and maximizes code reuse across different mobile phone platforms. Worklight adapters run on the server and connect to mobile applications.
IBM Worklight adapter framework uses XML, JavaScript, and XSL and primarily mediates between the mobile apps and the back-end services. DevOps Model Architect provides generation of Worklight adaptors for :
  • RESTful services
  • SOAP-based and WDSL services
  • Cast Iron orchestrations